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$1200 $800 Basic Setup Fee
100 Products
3 Staff Logins
2 GB Bandwidth
200 MB Storage
$50 Free AdWords



$1200 $800 Basic Setup Fee
500 Products
10 Staff Logins
3 GB Bandwidth
300 MB Storage
$50 Free AdWords



$1200 $800 Basic Setup Fee
1,000 Products
20 Staff Logins
5 GB Bandwidth
500 MB Storage
$75 Free AdWords



$1200 $800 Basic Setup Fee
Unlimited Products
50 Staff Logins
15 GB Bandwidth
1 GB Storage
$100 Free AdWords



$1200 $800 Basic Setup Fee
Unlimited Products
100 Staff Logins
45 GB Bandwidth
3 GB Storage
$100 Free AdWords
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"So slick. Up and running faster then any other cart software considered and
the easiest to customize. Very much impressed." — Peter Keiller,

Do you charge transaction fees?

No! We don't believe in taking any of your profits. As a business we understand that variable costs are annoying, so you'll never pay any transaction fees for your BigCommerce store.

Do all plans include all features?

Yes! All plans include all features listed on our features page.

I'm looking to switch. Can I import my stuff?

Yes, you can import customers, products, images and variations into your BigCommerce store from a standard CSV (comma separate values) file. Most shopping carts support exporting in this format, and you can watch a video on our support page to see how easy it is to import into BigCommerce.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. The security and up-time of your store is our #1 priority. We protect your store and data with the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use, and we have a 99.99% average uptime track record.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can use your own domain name. If you have not purchased a domain name, you can purchase one through us by choosing a plan above. If you have already purchased a domain name through a third party domain registrar, then we will provide you with the settings that you will need to apply in your domain registrar in order for the domain to work on your BigCommerce site.

Do I need my own SSL certificate?

We do recommend purchasing your own SSL certificate (which you can do on the next step), however we provide a free shared SSL certificate for all plans.

How is bandwidth/storage overage calculated?

Bandwidth over your allocated monthly allowance is charged at half a cent per megabyte. For example, using 1 GB of bandwidth over your allocated monthly allowance would be charged $5.12 (1,024 MB x $0.005). Storage space over your monthly allowance is charged at 10 cents per megabyte.

Can I upgrade between plans?

Of course. It's easy to upgrade between plans. Just login to your store's control panel and click the billing menu at the top right of the screen, then choose the upgrade link. You can then change your plan as required.

Are there any contracts to sign?

No. Payments are made month-by-month and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel we will stop billing you immediately. We're all about choice and if you don't like BigCommerce then we wont force you to stay.

Can I use a sub-domain for my store?

Yes, you can use a sub-domain with your BigCommerce store. Just choose a plan above and you'll be asked how you want to setup your domain name.

Do you sell SSL certificates?

Yes, we do sell SSL certificates. You can purchase an SSL certificate from the Tools -> SSL Certificate menu in your store's control panel.

Can I use an SSL certificate from a third party?

Yes, you can install an SSL certificate from a third party from the Tools > SSL Certificate menu in your store's control panel.

Do I need my own merchant account?

It's up to you. A merchant account allows you to accept credit cards from your store and get paid directly into your checking account. If you don't have a merchant account we can provide you with one or you can use one of our 50+ payment providers instead, including PayPal and Google Checkout. A lot of our clients start with PayPal or Google Checkout and then move to their own merchant account (which integrates with BigCommerce in 3 clicks from your store's control panel) after their store has been live for a few months.

Does my payment gateway work with BigCommerce?

We have a page on our website that lists all of the payment gateways we support (over 50).

Does my BigCommerce store include email accounts?

Yes, your BigCommerce store includes unlimited email accounts. You can create your email accounts from the Tools -> Email Accounts menu in your store's control panel.

What software does BigCommerce integrate with?

BigCommerce integrates with many different types of applications, including order management and accounting software as well as analytics and affiliate tracking software.


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